Why are internships important?

— A UI/UX Designer’s point of view.

Bornak Paul
4 min readJul 28, 2020

“Why should i bother with an internship? Don’t they just make you do their work?”

This just isn’t the case. Maybe you might not be assigned high-profile projects, but you will surely get the exposure to how the companies deal with projects or clients.

I have added few more points of why or how internships are important, so keep on reading.

Few things you will gain from an internship.

1. It will definitely boost up your confidence.

If you have never worked in a professional environment it might take a little bit of time to learn the norms and adjust to the environment. Internship gives you the opportunity to adjust yourself in the corporate world. Internships are nothing less than a real job. You get the full exposure of the corporate world. So, while you still have time utilize it and make yourself ready and avoid the look of disapproval from a future colleague or the look of disappointment from your future boss.

2. Industrial Contacts.

The most vital thing to do while you are working as an intern, is to make friends with everyone, and build a good relationship with everyone working in that company. You never know when the colleague sitting next to you has a brother who owns a company and needs an employee for the same post you work for. Be respectful to everyone you meet and always give your 100% in what you do, as your internship is a reflection on your employability after graduation.

3. Exposure to new skills and sources.

Despite the myth that you have to work under someone or do whatever they say, many of the students (including me) or graduates find themselves getting a rich real world setting that teaches them more about their chosen field.

Internships are the perfect way to take your book knowledge and apply it in a real-life work environment. You learn new skills from the people who already know how to use those skills and help you perfect your techniques. Its not that you get to develop your skills only, you even get resources from the company while doing your internship, which will help you in the internship of-course, but this new resources will stay with you and you may use them later whenever you need them. “In my case the company which took me in for internship gave me many resources,among which they even shared a ready-made design system along with its license, so that i can use it later for my own projects too.”

4.Confirmation in your career choice.

Whatever you might have chosen as your career for now, there are multiple jobs and careers in which you can jump on. An internship gives you a chance to see firsthand if you are really interested in the particular field or not.

This might not be necessary for you if you’ve dreamed of being a certain person or doing a certain work ever since you were a kid. But believe it or not , even if you have already decided to do something after your graduation,you might be surprised when you try it and realize that it isn’t what you wanted to be. Well, in this case an internship can really help you find a career path best suited for you.

5. Increase in the chance of employability .

As you get a direct exposure to the corporate sector during your internship. Recruiters are more likely to hire you, as they know that you already have a good idea of how things are done in a corporate sector. Sometime an internship may even directly lead to a full time job at the same company.

But in case you are not hired for a full time position, your internship will still help you create a network full of resources and contacts. Such contacts might even provide you with recommendation letters or introductions that might help you to find various other opportunities.

Looking back at the one month completion of my UI/UX Design internship, it helped me learn a lot, made me develop and polish my skills even more. It even taught me that my product designs are not only based on my skills but it also depends on what and how the clients/users want it to be. I am and will eternally be grateful for the internship opportunity provided to me by INTERFACE SENSE.

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